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Monday, November 8, 2010

Every mans dream garage...

Finally a update to this blog

I've been really busy with life.

Any ways, Rainy season has begun and I have finally had the chance to drift every turn I possibly can, and it has been awesome! I want to thank all my fans that visit and comment my blog, I try my best to get back at every one, honest to god. Some times, things just get in the way that cannot be explained through words. I will be updating this blog more often now and I will try my best to keep you guys entertained with exciting and awesome topics!

any ways here are recent snaps of my car hope you guys like it!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday update

Hey guys I've been really busy this week, I am having job interviews every day of this week and I need to go ship out car parts people bought from me + I need to go get car parts for people who put in request for parts and I need to find time to seal up my tail lights and my rear antenna for rainy season! so busy! I will catch up with your blogs over the weekend and catch up with all of your comments this weekend, but for now, TONS OF AWESOME CARS!

I hope all these cars will keep you guys entertained for the week... I am so busy >.< sorry! I am also going to add this random bit, of Beautiful women.