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Friday, September 17, 2010

Cars, now with 10% more awesome!

I notice that some days I get 100's of views and some days I get 3 views, Some times I am not the only one, It just means that some times people just don't care, and when people don't care, you just keep doing what you gotta do, Update your blog and let the good times roll because fame and success doesn't arrive overnight. Any ways, here are some more cars for your eyes to look at, that car to the right, the red one, yeah, that's my baby right there, baby steps. One day it's going to look better, sooner or later I will have enough money to buy wheels and a body kit, over fenders for the rear and get the whole car painted, but for now, just letting the good times roll. I want to send a message out to all of you guys with project cars, don't give up and sell your project, because later down the road, you're gonna kick your self for it, asking your self "why did I sell it?" It may not be worth a lot of money but all the blood sweat and tears you've gone through with that car, it should be priceless.


  1. hope you next post is 20% more awesome

  2. Car are the most accurate measure of how loser you are. the cooler your car, the most loser you are!