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Thursday, September 16, 2010

More awesome cars!

yeah so there hasn't been new content for a while, I've been busy and shit, I just got some parts in the mail for my car but it turns out the mother fuckers in Taiwan sent me the wrong size hose for my radiator so now I need to wait another 2-3 weeks to get another hose, I hate ebay. Any ways here are more pictures of awesome cars, I will be posting more and more every day please make sure you visit my blog more often, follow it, do what ever you like, tell you sister, tell your husband, tell your daughters, because I won't be raping every body around here.


  1. u and me bro could best friends in real life. s13 give me boners

  2. Do you watch TOPGEAR at all or subscribe to any car magazines? I bet you would like TOPGEAR.