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Friday, September 10, 2010

You don't want that one.

Its not about how many people you beat, it's about how many pokemon trainers you make quit. That is what make you and your pokemon Elite. As a kid I always played pokemon, Ever since Red version, I always had a Magikarp but I never had time to train it, and the fact that it could only splash and shit made it even harder to train. But finally I had a gyarados and I was about the 2nd kid in my 5th grade class to get one, I battled every one and kicked their ass, Me and Gyarados had a great time until I dropped my gameboy into toilet... Bye bye Gyarados...

I haven't played Pokemon for so long and I look forward to getting the newest version on the DS soon!


  1. Yeah, I'm looking forward to pokemon B&W too

  2. B&W is gonna be pretty cool.
    and the first movie for it gives a long awaited costume change to Jesse and James.

  3. Supportin